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Come Visit French Country Farms this October

Available: Mondays & Tuesdays (Kindergarten- Second grade) during the month of October; except October 10th.

Time: arrive at 9:00 depart FCF at 12:30-1pm 

Cost: $10 per person- one free teacher per 10 students. 
What is included:

3-4 hours of a FUN educational field trip in the great outdoors.

We will be closed to the general public during your field trip, However there may be other schools visiting on the same day.

​-Explore Spookley the Square Pumpkin story book maze trail and learn about Bully Prevention

- 8-10 attractions will also be available for use during field trip!

Email to reserve your field trip today. Our Minimum number of students required to reserve a field trip is 20 students. 

Field Trip Rules and FAQ


All reservations must be made by phone in advance and are only for school groups of 20 or more students.



The activities you may experience at the FCF are dependent upon age and the weather. FCF will not open to the general public on Mondays and Tuesdays to accommodate Field Trip days during October, so not ALL of the attractions will be open. Some of these activities include Hayride, Kiddie Zip lines, Rat Rollers. 



Concession will be closed during Field Trips. Students are welcome to bring in their own sack lunches. It is recommended to consolidate each class lunch in a large box or Cooler for easier handling and to keep organized. 


The teachers will meet for a quick group orientation and lunch location and activity assignments will be given at this time. Classes will be broken up into groups of 10 with a teacher/teachers aide/chaperone to oversee the students at each activity.   Classes are then released to start learning and enjoying the their time at FCF!

PAYMENT: Field trip must be paid for in advance prior to arrival. Wrist bands will be given out for each paid student. 



  • Dress appropriately, remember to be mindful of the weather. Close-toed shoes are always recommended.

  • Consolidate lunches in boxes/coolers to organized

  • In the event of cancellation, contact French County Farms a minimum of 10 business days prior to your scheduled event.  If you fail to cancel 10 days prior, you agree to pay in full for your event.

  • In case of inclement weather:  Although we rely heavily on the weathermen, they are not always correct.  Remember, 50% chance of rain means 50% chance it won’t!  Rescheduling due to weather will be discussed between the school and French Country Farms the morning of the field trip by 08:00 am.

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